New Barrel Sauna Builds

Rolling Saunas provides turnkey barrel sauna builds with a white glove touch!

Your Sauna, Your Way!

Step 1

Select Sauna Size

Choose a size that accommodates your intended use and the space needed for optimal comfort!

  • 2-Person Sauna: Ideal for couples or personal retreats, this compact yet luxurious sauna offers an intimate and serene environment.
  • 4-Person Sauna: Perfect for smaller families or tight spaces. Experience the intimate and cozy setting of our classic and most popular size.
  • 6-Person Sauna: Ideal for larger groups or those seeking a more spacious sauna experience. Plenty of room to stretch out and relax.

See our FAQ for the exact interior and exterior dimensions of each size offered.

Step 2

Select Heating Method

Decide on a heater that aligns with your priority of practicality or traditional experience!

  • Electric Heater: Enjoy the ease and efficiency of our electric heaters. Control your sauna’s temperature from your smartphone, preheating it before you arrive home. It’s the ideal choice for those who want quick and convenient relaxation.
  • Wood Burning Heater: Experience the traditional charm of our wood burning heaters. Relish the authentic feel of the rich wood aroma and the soothing crackle of fire. Perfect for those who love a natural and rustic sauna experience.

Learn more about WiFi enablement for our electric heaters below.

Step 3

Select Add-ons

Elevate your new sauna with our wide range of enhancements!

  • Sauna Upgrades: Opt for dynamic RGB lighting and a heat-reflecting shield to elevate the ambiance and efficiency of your sauna.
  • Roof Selection: Choose from custom-fitted tarps, classic tin roofs, or stylish shingles - each option designed to meet your functional needs and aesthetic preferences.
  • Landscaping Services: Transform the area around your sauna into a personalized retreat. From a touch of mulch, to vibrant flowers, and tailor-made decking, we customize each element to perfectly suit your vision.

Also included with EVERY new build:

Custom Door Design!

  • Personalized Design: Enhance the visual appeal of your sauna with custom vinyl-printed door designs. Choose from various templates or create your own design with the help of our partner, ADDI Printing, to best reflect your personal style and add a unique touch to your space.
  • Sun Protection: The vinyl prints act as a barrier against harsh sunlight, reducing glare and heat within the sauna. This ensures a more comfortable and relaxing experience, especially in brightly lit environments.
  • Increased Privacy: The custom designs on the glass doors provide an additional layer of privacy, allowing you to unwind and relax in your sauna without feeling exposed or visible to outside observers.
  • Easy Maintenance: Vinyl prints are easy to clean and maintain, offering a durable and hassle-free solution for keeping your sauna looking fresh and new. They resist moisture and heat, ensuring longevity and sustained quality.

Examples of previous designs

All Electric Heaters come

WiFi Enabled!

Every Rolling Sauna with an electric heater installed is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, offering complete control over your sauna experience using your smartphone!

  • Remote Control Access: Effortlessly turn on your sauna and adjust settings from anywhere using your smartphone. This feature adds a layer of convenience, ensuring your sauna is ready whenever you are.
  • Temperature Control: Offers a touch of personalization, transforming your sauna into a space that's uniquely yours!
  • Scheduled Heating: Plan your sauna sessions in advance with the ability to schedule heating times. This ensures your sauna is perfectly pre-heated and ready to use at your desired time, saving energy and time.
  • Mobile Notifications: Stay informed with real-time notifications when your sauna reaches the set temperature.

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