Sauna Maintenance Services

Regular upkeep not only prolongs the life of your sauna but also ensures safety during use.

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    One Time Visit

    Ensure your sauna is in top condition with our one-time maintenance service. This comprehensive service includes a detailed inspection and necessary adjustments to optimize performance, covering everything from heater functionality to structural integrity. Our expert technicians will address any immediate repairs and provide recommendations for keeping your sauna running smoothly. Book a single visit today and enjoy the confidence of expert care tailored to your sauna’s specific needs.

    Subscription Service

    Maximize your sauna’s performance and longevity with our Annual Maintenance Subscription. For a one-time annual payment, this subscription includes four scheduled maintenance visits throughout the year, ensuring your sauna always operates at its best. Subscribers also benefit from a 10% discount on all sauna upgrades. Commit to a year of hassle-free upkeep and more enjoyable sauna sessions with this exclusive offer.

    Every Maintenance Visit Includes:

    • Stone Replacement: We replace any cracked sauna stones to ensure safety and proper heat distribution.
    • Deep Interior Cleaning: Our thorough interior vacuuming and deep cleaning process will leave your sauna environment fresh and clean.
    • Exterior Sealing: We apply a high-quality water sealer to the sauna's exterior to help protect it from weathering and aging.
    • Band Tightening: We inspect and tighten the stove bands to help maintain the structural integrity of your sauna and enhance heat retention.
    • Stove Evaluation and Chimney Chute Cleaning: For electric stove saunas, we inspect the stove's performance to make sure it is working as efficiently as the day it was installed. For wood-burning saunas, we clean the stove and chimney chute to ensure proper ventilation and safety.
    • 9 Point Inspection: We conduct a comprehensive examination of 9 critical areas of the sauna to confirm everything is functioning efficiently and effectively.

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