Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for ordering a barrel sauna?

Inquiry Submission: The process begins when we receive a request from you to learn more about barrel saunas or that you're interested in receiving a quote.

Initial Follow-Up: Once received, we'll promptly contact you to provide additional information and discuss your specific needs.

Site Visit: Next, we schedule a visit to your location to assess the electrical setup requirements and inspect the desired site for the sauna. 

Quote: Based on our discussions and site visit, we'll provide a tailored quote for your needs. You can expect a quote from us typically within 24 hours.

Project Deposit: If you agree to proceed, an invoice for a 50% deposit of the total project cost will be sent.

Ordering Materials: Once the deposit is paid, we order the necessary materials for the barrel sauna.

Scheduling: As soon as we have a confirmed delivery date for the materials, we'll touch base with you to schedule a tentative build day. We try to schedule around bad weather, so if it looks like rain on your scheduled build day, we will ask to reschedule.

Build: We'll show up on the morning of build day and construct your sauna. While most builds are completed in a single day, some might extend to two days based on various factors.

Final Payment: Upon successfully completing the sauna, we'll ask for the final payment of the remaining 50% of the project cost.

Sauna School: To close out the project, we walk you through our personalized sauna school, which covers:

  • Proper usage of your new barrel sauna and heater.
  • Ways to enhance your sauna sessions.
  • Maintenance guidelines to ensure your sauna remains in excellent condition.

What are the maintenance tasks for barrel saunas?

Maintaining your barrel sauna is essential to ensure its longevity, optimal performance, and the best possible experience every time you use it. Here's a breakdown of recommended regular maintenance tasks:

Monthly Tasks

Wipe Down Sauna:
 Use a warm, damp towel to wipe down the seats and backrest to eliminate sweat residues.

Clean Interior: Regularly sweep the interior to clear out any dirt or debris that may have found its way inside.

Quarterly Tasks

Deep Clean Sauna: Begin by evenly distributing baking soda throughout the sauna interior. Lightly mist the inside with water. With a large-bristled brush, scrub the backrest, seats, and floor to lift embedded dirt and sweat residues. Remember, while the sauna heater is built to tolerate moisture, it's best not to spray it directly; however, a little moisture from overspray is manageable. After scrubbing, rinse off the interior using your water hose. If traces of baking soda remain, a simple wipe-down with a towel will suffice. Over time, the baking soda will act as a natural deodorizer, reducing the typical sweat odor.

Tighten Bands: Wood naturally expands and contracts, which can cause the bands around your sauna to loosen. In the initial weeks post-installation, routinely check the bands as the wood settles. After the settling phase, inspect the bands every 1-3 months, tightening as required.

Annual Tasks

Apply Protective Coat: As time progresses, the initial water-sealant coat on your sauna can wear down. To safeguard your investment, reapply a fresh coat yearly. A telltale sign indicating the need for a new coat is if water stops beading when sprayed on the exterior. Before application, ensure that there's no forecast of rain for at least 24 hours.

Inspect Stones for Cracks:
Over multiple heating and cooling cycles, sauna stones may form cracks. Periodically examine the stones and replace any that seem fragile, crumbly, or split. Cracked stones can compress, disrupting airflow through the heater.
When managing or swapping out stones, ensure they're positioned for ideal airflow.

To conclude, ongoing maintenance is paramount for your sauna's safety, efficiency, and longevity. By adhering to this guide, you ensure that your barrel sauna remains a sanctuary of relaxation for many years.

    How much does it cost to have a barrel sauna built?

    There are two variables when it comes to the cost:

    1. Do you want a 4-person or 6-person barrel sauna, and
    2. The electrical setup needed to power your barrel sauna

    One of the first steps in the process is to have our electrician come over and look at:

    • Where your electrical panel is located?
    • How much capacity your electrical panel has available?
    • Where do you want the sauna setup, relative to your electrical panel?

    Once we've answered those questions, we can give you a complete quote.

    If you're interested, you can start the process by contacting us using the button below and we will follow up within 24 hours to discuss the next steps!

      How far outside of Houston are we willing to travel?

      If you want a sauna, but you're 5 hours away, we won't leave you hanging. Our goal is to bring the benefits of sauna to as many people as possible so a few miles won't stand in our way.

      Our central office is located in Pearland (77581). We'll travel up to 50 miles in any direction from our location then for distances beyond the initial 50 miles, a mileage fee based on the current IRS standard rate of 66.5 cents per mile (for 2023) will apply.

        Where are the materials for each sauna sourced?

        At Rolling Saunas, we deeply value quality and authenticity, which extends to the materials we use to craft our barrel saunas. We're proud to say that our materials are sourced in partnership with Almost Heaven Saunas, a trusted name in the industry that has been expertly manufacturing saunas in the picturesque Greenbrier Valley of West Virginia for over 40 years. 

        From the outset, it was paramount to us to align ourselves with a USA-based company that shares our commitment to excellence and tradition. By partnering with Almost Heaven, we ensure that our barrel saunas are constructed with the finest materials that reflect both durability and a rich heritage of craftsmanship. When you purchase a Rolling Sauna, you're getting a top-quality product and supporting local American businesses.

          Can my sauna be customized?

          Absolutely! At Rolling Saunas, we understand that our customers might have specific design preferences or needs, and we strive to accommodate those wherever possible. Here's how you can add a personal touch to your sauna:

          Custom Door Design:
          You can truly make the sauna your own by customizing the door. Whether it's a logo, the first letter initial of your last name, or any other custom image, we can incorporate it into the design to give your sauna that unique touch.

          Frosting Effect:
          For those who prioritize privacy or simply wish to block out external sunlight when relaxing inside the sauna, we offer a frosting effect on the sauna door. Not only does this add an aesthetic element to the sauna, but it also enhances the ambience inside.

          Partnership with ADDI Printing:
          To ensure top-notch quality and precision in customization, we've joined forces with ADDI Printing. They handle the design, printing, and installation processes. Whether you're just starting your sauna project or want to add customization after the fact, ADDI Printing will seamlessly integrate the design changes.

          To ensure a smooth process, it would be beneficial to let us know about your customization preferences during the quote process. This way, we can coordinate with ADDI Printing and factor in any additional costs or design considerations upfront.

            How hot do the saunas get?

            Our saunas have a temperature range between 125°F and 195°F.

            The temperature can be controlled through an adjustable dial on the heater or by opening and closing the air-flow vent. 

                How long does it take for the sauna to heat up?

                Typically, our saunas will heat to 165°F in 30–40 minutes and reach 195° in less than 60 minutes

                However, the time it takes a sauna to heat up depends on a few factors:

                • The ambient temperature outside the sauna
                • The temperature setting on the heater
                • Whether the air-flow vent is open or not

                  What are the available payment options?

                  Accepted payment methods include cash, bank transfer, all major credit cards, Bitcoin and FSA/HSA card.

                  Bank transfer: ACH transfers can be initiated directly on the project invoice.

                  Credit Card:
                  Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are accepted. Payments are processed directly on the invoice.

                  FSA/HSA Card:
                   By using your HSA or FSA funds, you can make tax-advantaged purchases, resulting in significant savings of up to 30-40%. Saunas are considered an eligible medical expense, recognized for their proven benefits to your mental and physical health but be sure to confirm with your HSA/FSA provider first.

                   Let us know if you plan to pay with Bitcoin before we provide the quote so that we can apply the discount.

                  All projects require a 50% deposit upfront, and the remaining 50% would be paid the day your barrel sauna build is completed.

                  How do I decide where to place my barrel sauna?

                  Choosing the ideal location for your barrel sauna is an exciting step in your wellness journey. Here's a guide to help you decide on the perfect spot:

                  Indoor vs. Outdoor:
                  Barrel saunas are versatile and can be placed both indoors or outdoors. If you choose an indoor location, ensure there's adequate ventilation.

                  Electrical Connection:
                  One essential consideration is access to electrical sources. Our barrel saunas require both a 110v and 220v connection. Hence, proximity to the panel box is important to facilitate ease of connection and maintenance.

                  Stable Ground:
                  Always ensure that the chosen location offers firm and stable ground. This is crucial for the sauna's stability and longevity. Flat surfaces, such as a concrete slab or paved area, are ideal. If you're considering a location on grass or soil, you might want to prepare the area with a base of crushed rock or use patio stones to ensure stability.

                  Access to the Door:
                  While barrel saunas are adaptable to various locations, always make sure that the sauna door can open freely. This ensures safe entry and exit.

                  Weather Durability:
                  If you're considering an outdoor location, you'll be pleased to know that our saunas are built with red cedar, which naturally resists weather elements. To further enhance durability, we apply an additional protective coat to the barrel. This means your sauna will remain in prime condition, even if placed outside.

                  Visual Aesthetics and Ambiance:
                  While not a requirement, the setting can enhance your sauna experience. An outdoor spot with a view, perhaps overlooking a garden, a forest, or a pond, can add to the relaxation factor. Similarly, indoors, consider a peaceful corner with soft lighting for a spa-like atmosphere.

                  Before finalizing a spot, refer to the dimensions of our barrel saunas. We've included measurements for both our 4-person and 6-person barrels. This will help you ensure that your chosen location is spacious enough to comfortably fit the sauna.

                  Remember, the placement of your barrel sauna should cater to both practical requirements and personal preferences. After all, this is a space where you'll be relaxing and rejuvenating. Choose a spot that feels right for you!

                    4-Person Sauna

                    6-Person Sauna

                    What is the Return and Warranty policy?

                    Product Warranty

                    Limited Lifetime Warranty on Sauna Components:
                    Almost Heaven Saunas ("the Company") proudly offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser of the sauna. This encompasses any manufacturing defects in all sauna room components. In the event of a component failing due to a manufacturing defect, the Company will promptly replace the faulty component, free of charge, in accordance with the stipulations of this Limited Warranty.

                    Heater Warranty

                    Heating Elements:
                    Your heater's heating elements are safeguarded with a warranty for one year from the purchase date.

                    Other Components: All other inner components of your heater benefit from a 5-year warranty commencing from the purchase date.

                    Exclusions: The heater's warranty does not envelop: Costs that arise from hiring an electrician. Shipping expenses for dispatching or receiving any replacement components.

                    General Terms & Conditions

                    This warranty is strictly non-transferable. Only the original purchaser of the Almost Heaven Sauna, acquired either from an authorized dealer or directly from Almost Heaven Saunas, can claim its benefits.

                    Claim Process: To proceed with a warranty claim, it is imperative to provide proof of purchase, either in the form of a receipt or invoice.

                    Limitations: Our warranty doesn't cater to damages arising from misuse, abuse, incorrect assembly, inconsistent or improper maintenance, accidents, or damages induced by weather events or other natural calamities.

                    Repair/Replacement: Almost Heaven Saunas retains the exclusive right, at its discretion, to either repair or replace the faulty component. While the replacement will fulfill the same function as the original, it may not be an identical match.

                    Warranty Activation: Activating this warranty requires no additional steps. Your provided purchase receipt or invoice is adequate proof and activates your warranty.

                    Return Policy

                    We understand the importance of customer satisfaction. If you are not entirely pleased with your barrel sauna, we accept full returns within 30 days of project completion. However, please note there is a 25% restocking fee calculated on the total amount paid.

                      How old should someone be to use a sauna?

                      Using a sauna can be beneficial for relaxation and some health reasons, but it's essential to consider age and other factors before exposing someone to the heat. Here are some general guidelines regarding sauna use by age:

                      Infants and Young Children:
                      Saunas are not recommended for infants or young children. Their bodies are not as effective in regulating temperature as adults. Overheating can occur quickly, and they might not communicate discomfort or understand when they need to leave.

                      Older Children and Teenagers:
                      If introducing older children or teenagers to a sauna, it's crucial to supervise them closely, limit the exposure time (start with short sessions of around 5-10 minutes), and ensure they drink plenty of water. Ensure they understand not to engage in horseplay, which could lead to injury.

                      Most adults can safely use a sauna, but it's always a good idea to start with shorter sessions and gradually increase the time as your body acclimates. Typically, sessions range from 10-20 minutes, but it varies based on individual comfort and tolerance. Always pay attention to your body's signals; if you start feeling dizzy, nauseous, or uncomfortable in any way, it's essential to exit the sauna.

                      Older Adults
                      Older adults might have an increased risk of certain conditions (e.g., high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues) that could make sauna use more dangerous. It's essential for seniors to consult with a healthcare provider before using a sauna, especially if they have underlying health conditions.

                      No matter the age, these general guidelines apply:

                      Stay Hydrated:
                      The high temperatures in a sauna can lead to dehydration. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your session.

                      Avoid Alcohol:
                      Alcohol can increase the risk of dehydration, overheating, and other complications. It's best to avoid alcohol consumption before and during sauna use.

                      Consult with a Healthcare Provider:
                      If you or your child has any underlying health conditions, always consult with a doctor before using a sauna. This is especially crucial for those with heart conditions, respiratory issues, or other significant health concerns.